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Often told she “laughs at everything,” Eliana Batsakis brings joy and humor into each of her collections. From a small town in southwest Ohio, her favorite pastime growing up was making up stories and creating worlds to explore with her cousins. These innocent activities carefully evolved into an artistic practice. Through voluminous and colorful garments, Batsakis hopes to create other realms in which her viewer can enter and exit with ease.


Eliana Batsakis is a fashion designer, artist, and “world-builder” based in Cincinnati, OH. She thrives in the space where costume and fashion intersect and play. Batsakis is a freelancing fashion designer and creative director- very much enjoying collaborative work between artists.


Upon graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2021, Eliana became a Teaching Artist for Artworks Cincinnati while freelancing and taking illustration based commissions. She continued her fashion work independently, earning a sponsorship to show at Atlantic City Fashion Week in February of 2022. Shortly after, Eliana was selected to be a contestant on season 2 of Netflix's fashion competition series "Next In Fashion," which premiered in March of 2023. 

She is currently working on starting her own brand as well as a nonprofit arts organization with her sister, Alyssa, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. More on that to come this spring!

Follow Eliana on instagram @elianabatsakis!

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